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British safelok instrument pipe valve

Safelok valve company is located in Wigan, Lancashire, northwest England. Wigan is a manufacturing area with convenient transportation. Safelok has modern factory equipment and convenient transportation. It is very convenient to get to Manchester International Airport and main road network from here.

Safelok has advanced machine tools and advanced working procedures, which makes safelok valve one of the manufacturers that can provide new design and independent manufacturing technology for oil, natural gas industry, chemical industry and electric power industry.

With the full implementation of total quality management, safelok valve company has designed and produced a series of valves and pipe fittings in the UK, and the design and manufacture of these products have reached high standards.

The materials of the products include stainless steel, aluminum copper alloy and carbon steel. At the same time, the selection of materials has a wide range of flexibility. Safelok has carried out total quality management throughout the whole process of production and manufacturing to ensure that all materials are traceable, and keep the original materials from the raw material manufacturers for future needs.

The products of safelok company include: small diameter globe valve, full series of metric and British ferrule joints, threaded and welded joints, quick coupling, needle valve and ball valve, valve group and condensate tank, air source distributor, flange valve and double block and discharge valve group, etc. Among them, flange valve and double block and discharge valve group are the products of safelok with many years of mature manufacturing experience, and have been widely used in the world's oil industry, natural gas industry and chemical industry since 1990.

All products and manufacturing procedures conform to iso9001:2015, and the certificate number of quality certification is 488qm8001.

Safelok products include: flange valve group and double block discharge valve, instrument pipe and ferrule joint, welding joint, quick connector, needle valve and valve group, ball valve, storage tank, air source distributor, Y-type drain valve, etc.